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« en: Abril 09, 2013, 03:59:52 am », cuenta con las siguientes opciones:

1) Automatic defacement:
Try to concatenate a string to all user-defined text fields in DB

2) Run OS shell command on DB server:
Run any OS command as if you're running a command console on the DB machine

3) Run SQL query on DB server:
Execute SQL commands of your choice

4) Enable OS shell procedure on DB:
Revive the good old XP_CMDSHELL where it was turned off
(default mode in MSSQL-2005)

5) Add administrative user to DB server with password: T0pSeKret
Automagically join the Administrators family on DB machine

6) Enable remote desktop on DB server:
Turn remote terminal services back on...

- Fixed nvarchar cast to varchar. Verified against MS-SQL 2000
- Added numeric / string parameter type detection
- Improved defacement content handling by escaping quotation marks
- Improved support for Linux systems
- Fixed the "invalid number of concurrent connections" failure due to non-parameterized URLs

* Python>= 2.4
* Pycurl (compatible with the above version of Python)
* Psyco (compatible with the above version of Python)

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