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Title: ¿Foros de Cloud Computing/Technology?
Post by: thetmdth on August 28, 2018, 04:45:43 am
A few weeks ago it was the hackathon onpe in my country (Peru). The problem was the intercommunication between different identities of the government to transport safe documents (with digital signatures) and track it. My team came second with a solution of websockets in nodejs + mongo db, allowing the sending of information encrypted with public / private keys in real time and consultations (tracking) through a web app.
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The winning team presented a blockchain solution (which until then was unknown) + chatbot for tracking, as if to take off their hats and applaud. So there I thought, there's a lot of what I do not know in cloud technoloy, so I ask you if you know any good cloud computing / technology forum to find out how much I do not know and keep learning.

PS: I would like to know your thoughts on the winning solution   ::)

Thank you for reading,
Title: Re:¿Foros de Cloud Computing/Technology?
Post by: anarkopin on May 20, 2019, 12:38:13 pm
Hello forero I am also from Peru, first congratulate you for occupying the second place, the truth is that I had no idea that onpe was organizing a hackathon, well returning to the query of your topic, according to my application tapatalk, which I recommend, with regarding cloud computing:


there are also courses on the network, coursera:


I hope you can find more resources, I am sure that at any moment a forero will respond with more experience, that you have a good day!
Title: Re: ¿Foros de Cloud Computing/Technology?
Post by: nuria on September 22, 2021, 11:49:06 am