New Nmap binding for Python python3-nmap

Started by latest-release, May 13, 2020, 12:05:45 PM

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Nmap is among the most popular old pentesting tools out there used by many pentesters. It is initially written in C and other scripting languages.
Many scripting languages are used in pentesting and so there is a need to automate a lot of common pentestings tasks for example port scanning and service detection which nmap offers.  Python being among the pentestings scripting languages out there, it has binding for nmap one which was python-nmap which is very famous. When we were building and online Pentest site. We needed a simple tool and so we wrote out new python3-nmap which is very easy to use. for example;

$ pip3 install python3-nmap

In nmap to scan for top ports you do something like this

import nmap3
nmap = nmap3.Nmap()
results = nmap.scan_top_ports("")
# And you would get your results in json

It has more features like dns_brute_script for subdomain finder and other advanced Nmap features like OS, Version detection