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Metodo crackeo del Fly Crypter v2.4+ AUSG 0.8

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« en: Abril 01, 2010, 07:42:47 am »
Aqui os dejo el metodo para crackear el Fly Crypter v2.4+ AUSG 0.8 ya que esta generando mucho revuelo entre comunidades de hacking que se haya conseguido crackear su proteccion por hardware pero nadie cuenta como lo ha hecho. Saludos brothaz ;)

Since i want to see you realy want to learn and not to use this
forum in a bad manner this is written in english on purpose and
also it holds all information you will need to crack it your self

The tut/guide
with PEiD you can see that this application is written in VB6 P-Code
Since this is P-Code you will need to use the following tools:

VB Decompiler
Lite edition:

WKT VB P-Code Debugger
- This application have a very good help file so don't tell me you don't know how to use it!
- for the VB P-Code Debugger to work you will need to go to the location you seleted to install
  the VB P-Code Debugger and copy the WKTVBDE.dll to your windows/system32 dir.
  moreover, you will need to copy from windows/system32 the following files:
  in the place that Fly Crypter v2.4 + USG 0.8 Private folder is located

open Fly Crypter v2.4.exe with VB Decompiler
choose sub_main:
   in 46FDB4 you will see that it starts an "IF"
   from this if you can see that if the condition
   is not apply then a message box will appear.
   the text in the message box is encrypted in a
   stupid way but we don't care about this because
   all we want is to patch the code so it will not
   go to the message box but will continue to our

open VB P-Code Debugger and open: Fly Crypter v2.4.exe
1. set a break-point on: 46FDB4
2. now execute the application through the debugger.
3. when the debugger breaks you will need to trace trace down a bit
   (about 8 lines) with F10, you will see that this is the IF branch commnad.

4. you will need to patch this branch command
   Branch that jumps are usually 1C or 1D byte code
   so you will need to patch it accurdanly:
   - if its 1D change to 1C and opposite.

*just do the same thing to AUSG 0.8.exe
*(ofcorse in his address's)

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« Respuesta #1 en: Abril 01, 2010, 10:24:45 am »
Buen aporte !! aver si sirve deverda..   ;)

Edito: Gracias me sirvio de maravilla , ya lo tengo el crypter crackeado :D !!!
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