HashKill 0.3.0 - Crackeador de hashes Open-Source

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Hashkill es un crackeador de hashes opensource para Linux que usa OpenSSL. Actualmente soporta 4 métodos de ataque (Diccionario, Fuerza Bruta y Hybrid) y tiene 31 plugins para diferentes tipos de hashes (md5, sha1, phpbb2, mysql, md5(unix), des(unix), sha(unix), vBulletin, SMF, etc). Es multiproceso y soporta el guardado/restauración de sesiones.

- Multi-threaded so that it can benefit from multi-core/multi-CPU systems
- SSE2/AVX/XOP/AES-NI-accelerated algorithms to achieve high speeds on modern x86 CPUs
- Very powerful rule engine plus optimized bruteforce/markov codepaths for fast algos.
- ~ 40 plugins for different types of passwords (ranging from simple hashes like MD5 and SHA1 to WPA, passworded RAR files and private SSL key passphrases)
- Supports session save/restore. Sessions are auto-saved each 3 seconds. Password cracking can resume after the last checkpoint in case the program is stopped/killed/system crashes/power down/etc.
- Multi-hash support
- Very fast GPU support on both Nvidia and AMD. GCN and Kepler architecture supported.
- Multi-GPU support (even AMD+NVidia systems).
- Session save/restore, markov/rule/bruteforce also on GPUs

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