eCSI Hacker Playground!

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eCSI Hacker Playground!

  • en: Julio 24, 2015, 10:50:47 pm
¡Encontré ésto mientras navegaba un poco y quisiera compartirlo por acá, ya que parece muy interesante y hay buenos premios! Aunque probablemente ya lo hayan visto, da igual :P

Toda la descripción está en la misma página del siguiente link: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
De todos modos, hago copy-paste de la sección "How to win the game":

The game is simple:
  • Gain remote access to the target servers
  • Elevate your privileges
  • Submit user and administrative level proofs
There are four target machines with increasing difficulty to crack. You can decide in which order you'd like to solve them. Solutions don't require brute-force, you have to only use your brain to make progress. You can get points by submitting randomly generated proofs from the cracked machines. The first player who reaches the most points will win the game.

Another special price is offered for the Best Backdoor. You should implement a solution for persistent access to (at least) one of the targets and document what you did. The backdoor doesn’t have to survive VM reverts. The Best Backdoor writeup will be chosen by the organizers.

Finally, National Heroes – players who reach the highest score first in their county, will also be awarded with special prizes. Eligible countries for the National Hero Prize are: US, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, Poland and Hungary. In other countries, the best player of the country will receive a “National Hero of the eCSI Hacker Playground” certificate.

En fin, pido disculpas si está en la sección equivocada. Fermino puede encargarse de moverlo xD

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Si nos imponemos limites, no seremos más.

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Re:eCSI Hacker Playground!

  • en: Julio 25, 2015, 02:19:03 pm
En fin, pido disculpas si está en la sección equivocada. Fermino puede encargarse de moverlo xD

Está en la sección correcta, no te preocupes :)

Muchas gracias por el Wargame, me he registrado y le echaré un vistazo cuando esté on :D