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Recon-ng is a Python framework focused on gathering information, it can obtain a lot of data from a target and his environment. It have differente and independent modules, and you can combine the results obtained for more efficiency. Definetly, Recon-ng is a powerful tool for gathering information fast on the web.

Basics uses and modules:

# Start menu:
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# Help
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Recon-ng lets you create profiles for analyze different objectives without mixing information, that is stored for later reference, something very useful.
# Create profile
Código: text
workspaces add <perfil>

Código: text
add domains <domain>

Código: text
show domains

We can see the different modules of Recon-ng, the modules are clasiffied in different sections (Discovery, Exploitation, Import, Recon y Reporting).
# Show modules
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show modules

We can search modules by name:
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SEARCH <module>

When we know which module we will use, we must load it (i will use netcraft for the example). There are two commands for do this:
# Select module
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use <module>
load <module>

With the module loaded, we can see information abaut it and his options.
Código: text
show info

If we have not created a profile, we can select our "target"
Código: text
set SOURCE <domain>

# Start module
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There are a lot of different modules, they bring us great variety of ways to find information of a specific target, we can even use social networks like Twitter or analyze domains looking for ssl vulnerabilities. The results can be displayed in different tables, as "contacts", "companies", "hosts" ...
Código: text
show <lista>

Spanish post:No tienes permitido ver los links. Registrarse o Entrar a mi cuenta
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