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About gratuities on the Internet, as well as in life itself, much has been said.

They are the honeys where, in exchange for a service or gift, the user is transformed into merchandise as a source of profit, betraying principles, ethics, and others.

In the world of VPNs it is popular and well known to declare oneself "Free", as well as altruistic defenders of noble ideals, and to sell connection data to interested third parties. They even monitor the web pages that are visited, and collect all the browsing habits in general, to sell them to advertising and marketing companies.

An updated step incorporates the policy into the scenario, where users are segmented based on nationality.

It is not strange to observe how some VPNs only accept users from certain countries, as if universal rights were an exclusive privilege of those born in a particular terroir.

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Bottom line: experience dictates that no one offers gifts without interest.
This is true, one way or another, except in very rare cases.

"... Who is not brick, he is a thief,
I heard it all my life
but he will not leave here.

On the other hand, there is a marketing technique, in which a test or test of a product is offered, in order to conquer the user, and win it as a customer, in the face of arduous and sometimes unfair competitions, where the one who has the most (resources and money), is imposed.

This technique almost always emulates in offers, where it is not uncommon to find abusive users of these services, or simply many who cannot opt for a payment solution (Premium option) given the universal right to freedom and privacy.

In any case, this article intends to "suggest" the best VPNs that provide a quality free option, perishable over time, and in order to win customers who opt for their payment services at some point.

It is a list, made by a hacker, who has not been paid for advertising, and share his experience.

I took into account the quality of the service and servers, time (all are for life), amount of traffic provided, encryption security, as well as particular techniques or protocols that allow restriction evasion, or other benefits. The one offered by the Premium services is omitted, for a finite period of time, which usually ranges from one week to thirty days.

In any case, the user will judge according to his needs, convenience, and gratitude; or if he is gentle, he will suggest others with virtues that I currently do not know.

It is highlighted that the mentioned companies present a service and business statutes of a certain time and reputation in the market, as well as seriousness (until the moment of writing this review), in which they are recommended in all the services they offer, including the Premium.

The latter are always recommended for the win-win benefits that they entail in both directions: company-clients.

I hope it is useful to you, at this time, when the world suffers one of the greatest challenges in survival, and especially the stresses in the economy, due to Covid-19.

Windscribe VPN

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My # 1 recommendation, without hesitation.

This is a Canadian VPN, which has come from below. In the past, your client was a headache; he did not connect no matter what protocol was used, you had to have an internet that was exclusively fluid, etc.

Thing of the past, in which in a progressive and dizzying short time, it has become the development of the best VPN client on the market. No exaggerations.

It has the best Kill Swich in the industry. This is a very important option in any VPN service, in which the client, if for any reason loses the link with the server, will not filter its real IP, since the client closes the connection through a firewall, which would only allow the local connection through your client and to the VPN.

They have set up their own DNS servers, and offer shielding in this way: DNS leaks, protection from redirects to malicious sites, censorship unlocks, etc.

It offers 10 gigs of traffic to its users if they offer their emails, in order to carry out their marketing campaigns, which are not abusive, and are really witty, fun, and very seductive in price offers.

If you Tweet it (just once), as a promotion, it offers 5 more gigs, permanently. 15 gigs in total.

Among other options, to increase traffic, it includes the Premium option, if it refers to a user, who signs their payment option.

A very generous VPN, whose servers are all cutting edge, fast, and without distinction of free and Premium users. In fact, its metric is governed by the upload of the user, and not by the download. Something that makes the 15 gigs pay off in a remarkable way, and distinguishes it from the other VPNs.

Offers various connectivity protocols: TCP, UDP, Stealth, (WStunnel) stealth mode that hides OpenVPN in a TLS tunnel; and the IKEv2.

It also allows Torrents traffic for all its servers, and those dedicated to streaming are very good, in various scenarios. It allows a lavish spectrum of ports according to interests.

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It offers an equally effective add-on client for the browser, as well as its mobile app.
It does not offer the settings for the OpenVPN client to its free users... but they don't need to.

A VPN whose quality of services (speed, security and privacy) is the currency of its marketing, and whose offers and prices are really an option to choose, and that I especially recommend.

Proton VPN

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A VPN based in Switzerland, and the benefits that that nation has historically provided in terms of respect for privacy and the laws.

He has an excellent customer, who is constantly improving. It includes a very efficient Kill Swich. Among other options, such as protection against DNS leaks, etc.

Classic and basic connectivity protocols: UDP (speed), TCP (stability and security). Unfortunately it has not included the IKEv2 protocol at the time of this article.

Nonetheless, your client is very successful, and the VPN offers unlimited, non-speed-constrained traffic. It has expanded the number of its free servers, to avoid the congestion of its users, which are growing every day.

This VPN offers a very exclusive option, and is a "Secure Core", in which the user connects through an option, which guarantees an extra layer of security, through another encryption, verified in a jealous way by a powerful firewall, in each of the servers available exclusively for it. It's like an extra safe path. Unfortunately, it is only for Premium users, due to the costs involved. For this option alone, it is worth the upgrade. And as a personal experience, it performs very well, given the extra load that double encryption latency carries.

It does not  allow Torrents traffic through its free servers, nor does it offer the configuration for the OpenVPN client.

Otherwise, it is brilliant for free users, in various connectivity environments (saturated client networks, restricted bands, proxies, etc.).

The client for mobiles endorses in this category, either in android or IOS.

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They just increased their free traffic to 10 gigs.
This is a VPN that has servers with very good features.
It offers Torrents traffic for them, except for North American servers.
It has several attractive and functional connectivity, ports and evasion options.

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They are working to perfect their client for Windows, and apparently they are already profiled on the way, as their latest update connects "relatively" quickly. They have had problems with the recognition of the network environment, and with the DNS servers in particular, especially if they are private.

An interesting VPN, worth giving a try.
Provides clients for all platforms including mobile ones.

Zoog VPN

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This is a VPN that has been around for a long time.

Very skilled in his business conception, offers, and with a product that has nothing to envy the most recognized VPNs. It has received several international awards and recognitions for its quality.

Their servers are excellent at speed, and they always respond well to various scenarios. Special to unblock and watch Netflix.

It offers 10 free gigs, being generous in this regard. It also offers the configuration for the OpenVPN client, an advantage for which to choose and that distinguishes it.

Importantly, although it offers 3 locations to its free servers, from time to time they rotate a location, and offer a Premium server. This marketing strategy is always done to attract users, seductive price offers, and even lifetime service agreements. The prices are very competitive and really profitable, compared to how much they have to offer.

Also, although by rule they restrict Torrents traffic by a specific free server, through the OpenVPN client it can be used with all of them. They are very fast, it is worth noting, and therefore they quickly consume the assigned quota.

Do not lose sight of the fact that as free clients the encryption is AES 128 bit; this adds speed, but at the cost of security. Aspect for which the upgrade to Premium services.

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Offers all existing protocols: IKEv2, UDP, TCP; the ports do not offer them to choose in the OpenVPN and client configuration (they use the classic 1194), but they do offer the traffic through Sock5, and that should be enough for evasions. You can use the IP of your servers with the Bitvise client, to activate traffic obfuscation and add a powerful evasion option.

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It has a Kill Switch, which was added to its Windows client, plus DNS leak protection.

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Now, with their client for Windows they are working on perfecting it.
At the time of these lines, its latest version was accurate and functional.

Because in the recent past, if you installed and used it, it could close the connection in the system, when you stop using it, turning it off correctly (this effect is common when any VPN client that is in use is interrupted in an inappropriate way).

Other VPN clients could not be used because they no longer connected (conflict in the shared and installed protocols of the system), and could even leave the PC without connection (closed), where if it did not have a restore point prior to the moment in which it was installed and used, had to be formatted and reinstalled.

It is always good to have the experiences present, which is what they are for and take preventive measures.

I reiterate, its last update had corrected that terrible bug (it is not apocalyptic or exclusive, and it is common in all existing software by conception of evolution), and there is the option of the clients for the OpenVPN with which they will do wonders forever.

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It only remains to highlight the clients for other platforms, including that of mobiles that are very well achieved and functional.

It is worth using this VPN, and its business relationships.

Finch VPN

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It offers only 3 gb of free monthly use. And at the time of this article, it had problems with the variety of locations of these servers, due to adversity, maintenance and / or breakages, but those who always look for a quick solution.

It has come to offer up to 5 locations in the USA, EU, and Luxembourg, and all its servers, including the Premium ones, are the best. Provides support and clients for all platforms, including mobile.

What characterizes this VPN is the freedom of options that they allow all its users in terms of configurations.

Depending on the connectivity environment, the user can choose for the OpenVPN client what they need and want; either in protocols or ports.

Your client for Windows is a classic; a masterpiece that combines efficiency and simplicity. It offers the whole range of options that may be desired for evasions, or various connectivity environments.

The option that has always caught my attention is Anti DPI (Deep Packet Inspection).
This option offers an evasion of firewalls that is very common to find in corporate environments, or with high demand in control and security.

Deep packet inspection firewalls are capable of analyzing the actual content of the traffic flowing through them, observing the structure of the network traffic itself to filter out attacks and unwanted content. They can see what will be delivered to the application it is ultimately intended for. As you can see it is a difficult security to jump.

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Only this option is a valuable currency towards this VPN, and which I highly recommend in all its services.

It is greatly missed, in a great reproach of update, the absence of a good Kill Swich, as well as the update to cover leaks through the DNS. These options could be complemented with other applications plus add-ons in the browser, which should be wise when choosing.

You can have Torrents traffic through its free servers, although by rule it prohibits it. Of course, it quickly consumes the assigned quota.

Speedify VPN

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A very exclusive VPN and you will see why.

It offers 10 free gigs per month, and through one device.

Like the previous one, it carries a gem: it is capable of detecting and combining several internet connections (2 or more), and creating a single one, where it emulates speed and stability.

For example; It has an internet via Ethernet, and an internet via Wifi, from various providers, and with varied connection speed, as well as its quality.
The VPN combines both connections and offers the best speed you can get.

Another scenario: you have a LAN connection from a Router, and you have another Router (or mobile) that provides a connection through the mobile band 3G, 4G, etc. There is also a Wifi that provides internet. In the same way, it combines them, and offers stability and speed, emulated. According to tests carried out, it can reach between a 10% or 20% increase in speed, taking into account the peak of the best connection that you have. This varies according to the activity on the internet, and it will be the norm if you are a paying user.

Channel linking makes it possible to distribute individual packages between multiple Internet connections. By splitting all your web traffic at the packet level, even large single socket transfers like streaming movies and uploading and downloading files can get a significant speed boost.

Don't forget that you use encryption.

It also corrects packet loss and errors in the connection, as well as the use of a streaming technique, which is noticeable in the fluidity through its servers.

Its cross-platform clients are doing very well, especially for mobile and Windows. To install this last client, the user must have previously installed the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime; and you can download it from Microsoft.

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Undoubtedly an amazing VPN, and that will be useful to more than one, if you have access to several internet connections, with various characteristics.

Psiphon VPN

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A VPN specialized in anti-censorship, and blocking scenarios.
Dedicated, for my part, to friends in Venezuela, Cuba, or the nation or environment where your internet is proxyficados and restricted.
Provides free and unlimited traffic, but capped at 1mb / s.
Although their servers are fast within this limitation, according to tests carried out.

It offers the purchase of a certain virtual currency called PsiCash to increase the speed of the internet, at a very reasonable price.
It does not allow Torrents traffic.

Its client for android is very good, and although it currently only offers mobile support, its client for Windows is still functional, if you know where to download from.
It offers several servers in dissimilar countries. And its effectiveness in connectivity lies in the fact that it adds obfuscation to traffic that allows it to bypass firewalls and web proxies, in most scenarios.
When connecting, the user automatically opens a page in the browser, where it shows the pages that are censored in their nation. Sometimes they are sponsors of which it supports itself financially.

For Windows users:

When running your client, for this platform, which is an auto-executable:

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this creates in the Temp folder of the system:
C: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Local \ Temp

2 files named:

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that security systems block and detect as a potentially dangerous application.
In fact, when downloading the client, it could block them and mark it as a malicious application or malware. Therefore my extreme recommendation that you be wise when choosing the site of your download.

It is recommended to add them to the exclusion list of the security or antivirus system that is used; otherwise they will not be able to use it.
These files are necessary for the VPN and it uses them for its connection and evasion.
Completely safe.

It is important to mention that their IP's are sometimes banned by different sites that have suffered attacks, or that their security detects as sources of attacks, and they have added to their blacklist. This scenario does not always occur, but if it does, changing the location solves it.

Your client does not have Kill Swich, or other DNS benefits. It also does not allow to choose protocols or ports (with one exception that cancels its obfuscation peculiarity for evasion).

Lantern VPN

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Dedicated to anti-censorship, blocking and restrictions.

This VPN is very fast, and lightweight. In fact, and as stated:
"It is an open source proxy that claims to give access to geo-blocked sites, while routing the rest of your activity through your local IP address"

It offers 500 MB per month. And it is recommended for its greater effectiveness, to enable the proxyfication of all traffic through it.

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It does not allow Torrents traffic.
As I highlighted, very fast and effective.

As limitations:
Note the absence of a Kill Swich, or other benefits already mentioned and highlighted.
It doesn't state how many servers it has or where they are, what security protocols it uses, or even what features it has to offer.

It has an automatic selection of these servers, which is great for performance based on location. But ... and it is very important, it does not allow you to choose the server.

However, it stands out that it surprises in every way, and satisfies the most demanding expectations in connection.


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It offers 500 mb of traffic, expanded if it is Tweeted monthly, at 1 gig per promotion.
1 gig and a half in total.
Allows torrent traffic.

It is a VPN with good servers, which sometimes face problems, as in all VPNs, let's be honest.
Its client is somewhat basic, although functional, and it stabilizes the connection a lot in saturated environments, although... it takes a while to connect.
It offers classic protocols UDP, TCP, without being able to select the ports.
A Kill Swich that works, and a "GhostBear" to mask traffic.

They feel that they have not continued to perfect and enrich their client's options. Although it works very well, more could be added, as the market demands and its security.
This does not mean that it devalues it and it is worth having it present and worthy of mention. Their prices are very attractive, as well as their promotions.

Your Freedom VPN

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A very well thought out and complete VPN.
It incorporates all the existing mechanisms to guarantee evasion and anti-censorship, with anonymity. It runs and it is effective in all the scenarios there have been and to have.

As it stands out on its website, and it is true:

"Will Your Freedom provide me with a free Internet connection?
Probably yes, particularly if you use DNS tunnel mode. You may be able to get a working mobile phone connection when the provider does not want it to work (no credit, special APNs, etc.), and you may be able to use wireless access points without paying for use. Your Freedom cannot differentiate between true censorship and purely commercial interests; if there is a way out, Your Freedom will find it and use it.

No advertising hype.

It is enough to observe your client, to confirm that it is not a small thing.
This, if it is from Windows, could intimidate the inexperienced or unfamiliar user, so it is strongly recommended to download the manual or User's Guide, and read it carefully. If in doubt, seek information about it.

Of course, the customer has the connectivity solution they need and want. And if you upgrade to the paid option, you will have no complaints, because even for your DNS tunnels, Premium servers are responsibly fast.

For free users it only offers the basics:

"A rudimentary service is available for free. It will provide slightly more bandwidth than a modem connection and up to 2 hours of use per day (up to 5 hours per week), and will probably be sufficient for all casual users; it's certainly enough to visit blocked web pages and join chats, and if it suits your needs, you can use it as much as you like.
For those who want more, there are upgrade packages available. See our Account page for more details. There are also upgrade coupons available for those who do not want time-based upgrades. The upgrades and coupons you bought keep this service alive, so consider paying!

For "Free" users, it may be unsatisfactory, due to the expectation of speed, and the limitations mentioned.

But it does connect for free... and free is free, right?

Another thing is the paying user
If hackers had to pay for a VPN, it would be the one they would choose and use. Especially its client for android.

Nothing more to add.

SecurityKiss VPN

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An Irish VPN offering 300mb a day.

Its servers, dedicated to free users, are usually saturated, therefore, the connection quality is very conditional of the moment.
However, the servers are quite acceptable in terms of performance: I was able to try the North Americans, and a friend living in Spain, with the Germans, agreed in appreciation. The bandwidth is not capped, and this favors.

They have just updated and modernized their client, which was very functional.
You could choose between two protocols: UDP or TCP, as well as two ports.
It allows Torrents traffic, which quickly consumes the assigned quota.

One more option at hand.


No tienes permitido ver los links. Registrarse o Entrar a mi cuenta

Owned by the same organization that promulgates the famous Riseup email.
It is not a great thing in speed and various benefits, but it can be useful.

Shellfire VPN

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It offers unlimited traffic, but capped at 1 mb / s. Access only to two servers, and with AES 128 bit encryption.
Your client, as I recall the last time I used it, was pretty rudimentary. It offered connection through the TCP and UDP protocols. It was with version 2.7, but they already have 3.0.

Hopefully they have improved, and testing opinions would be appreciated.
It was never a VPN that was characterized by brilliance and excellence in its services.

Either way, it offers a free service, for those who can't choose.

Opera VPN

No tienes permitido ver los links. Registrarse o Entrar a mi cuenta

Opera is an excellent browser, and it brings a VPN with it, for the sake of gaining users.
This is a basic VPN and only works with the company's browser; your other activity will not be safe.

It offers 3 locations cataloged by zones: America, Europe, and Asia; without being able to select a specific country, or server.
Its traffic is unlimited, and combined with the browser, it performs very well.
It is effective despite the misgivings and misgivings.
Their android app is brilliant and very popular.

Aspects to bear in mind:

It does not matter which area is selected, it connects wherever it seems, and it can be corroborated with any website, or IP identifier, having a preference for Europe (Sweden, or Norway in my experience).
Both the browser and the VPN belong to the Chinese consortium JV nHorizon, which bought the browser (and so on) for about $ 600 million. This was news.
Since then, and in the face of the massive loss of its users, they have established alliances with Nordic entities that provide the facade of guarantee and security, along with a history of reputation in the environment.
But ... the browser and its VPN continue to have the Chinese as main shareholders, and therefore, weight in decisions and ownership.

I mention this VPN, because it can be a tool for masking, or in case the user knows how to segment their traffic and identity, among other options; or the absence of these in an environment, or a given moment.

Also because it can unblock Netflix, which is advantageous; but... streaming will never be fast or high-quality.
These are points of view, which need not be sentence and indisposition.
Already mentioned, and the user will judge according to his interests.

So far the list.

There will be no shortage of those who find interesting things among what is suggested; as well as others, judgments, harshness and ingratitude in appreciation.

Serve each one of them the free will of, among so many offers, even those not present, to choose the one that best suits them.
It is always recommended to seek information about the company and service it provides, as well as visit its official site for aspects that have not been mentioned and that are of particular interest.

If one is considered worthy of mention, it is invited to do so with the reasons and experience that it deserves.
Without more,

"... Goodbye graciousness; farewell, rejoicing friends; that I am dying, and wishing [...] to see you happy in the other life "
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