Getting Real Admincp In vBulletin - New :)

Iniciado por sniffer, Agosto 15, 2013, 04:16:20 PM

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Hello Everybody

Today , I've New Way to get real admincp

When You Read Config { by Symlink Or Others }

You Get Like This

But when you try 2 browse /admincp you get

Okay 2 get real Admincp , Connect MySQL And Execute This Query

Select location from session ;
And You'll Get The Real URL

Real Admincp ; /1337b0x/


Done Brothers

Greets 2 H4x04L1f3 // Shadow008 // Sniffer // Every Madleets Members

See You


Thanks man, to the next time you should post in the international section.
Sigueme en Twitter : @Sankosk
Estos nuevos staff no tienen puta idea XD