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General Rules Forum

[1] Before creating a new message please use the search function on the top of the forum, likely your doubt has been answered before, so by this way we avoid the redundancy of posts.

[2] SPAM isn't allowed. Projects unrelated to the forum are considered spam too. Religion and policy is prohibited too.

[3]  NOT allow any advertising of other sites or images promoting it, or link to any external site underc0de unless a direct download. Also sales are prohibited within the forum under any circumstances.

[4]  When you start making a post, always use descriptive titles.

[5] NOT write posts in capital letters, or illegible, either by color or any other reason.

[6] This is a forum, not a phone. No abbreviations or write big words.

[7] Must not be opened or repeated themes with the same goal, eventually, is where your message is found, it will be read.

[8] Well sure where you write a topic where it belongs, use the sub-forums for specific topics.

[9] Is forbidden in old subjects respond unless it is for justifiable cause. Considering the past 120 days old since the last reply.

[10] Be respectful and polite with other forum users. We intend that the forum is a meeting place to request / provide help to all web users. Not allow insults or disrespectful to any member of the community, otherwise this will lead to a penalty the user aggressor.

[11] You may not use the private messaging system to send advertising / propaganda. Those affected see such messages are encouraged to report it to a member of Staff.

[12] Problems of users outside the community, will not be affected in the forum.

[13] In case of an insult or disrespectful to any authority of the community will take action depending on each case.

[14]  Prohibits the distribution of material posted on forums without right of its respective author. Both of the manuals, guides and tutorials as the structure of the site.

[15] The placing of links and websites for user's own benefit systems proving points or money for each entry.

[16] The burden of malicious files so is punishable INTENTIONAL (Malware).

[17] All posts must be at least 1 picture.

[18] All questions must go to General Questions section to avoid mixing with posts.

The rules are subject to change without notice, however be advised by message so that users are aware of them.

The Forum Staff reserves the right to close, edit or delete any item that does not meet the standards set forth herein.

Kind Regards, Undercode Staff