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Temas - simdia

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Hello Mates !
I bring to you Ms Word Office Silent - Exploit Pack Builder Python.
Builder RECODED from scratch FUD 100% (December 25th 2015 / 2016 NEW )

Watch Video and  Grab a Copy after this Video.

This Video and Software Tool Demonstrates an 0Day flaw in Ms Word Office Document.
The Python Exploit Builder Comprises of 2  CVE's in 1 builder.
Py file Recoded from scratch after Hard work and Several Days.

1) Requirements, Exploit Python Builder > Your Malware (we shall use putty.exe in our demonstration) > Python 2.7 msi (this you must download and install from the internet) > CMD

2) After purchase this tool, you must open cmd > put the commands which shall be shown during the video, and a simple .doc file will be generated which has your payload executable file exploited into it. > The simple .doc document file can be emailed to anyone.

Bypasses and enters all email service providers.   
100% FUD. 
Fee for re-FUD Builder license when get detected.   
Your executables .exe are executed without target's knowledge.   

Welcome from Alesky


International forum / [SOLVED] EDA2 Hidden Tear
Diciembre 16, 2015, 08:34:26 AM
Hello, i got a problem trying to login into webpanel for EDA2 hidden tear online webpanel.
I configured the database and everything correctly, but each time i try to login, it shows the below respone.:

string(4) "test" string(4) "test"
Fatal error: Call to undefined function password_verify() in /home/bialvmlq/public_html/panel/login.php on line 14

Help please to resolve this issue.
will be appreciated