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Les dejo este script para spamear omegle un chat al azar:

CS Omegle Bot will help you to send automatic messages to stranger. You can add interest and can pre define upto 4 messages. While entering interest make sure to add comma.Dependencies

  • Python
  • Selenium
  • PyVirtualDisplay

Código: php

Usage :

$ python CS.Omegle.Bot.py
Enter the interests Example. friends,girls,fag, >> girls,friends,love,justin bieber
Enter your first message (1/4) >> Hi...
Enter your second message (2/4) >> You are a FAG
Enter your third message (3/4) >> You Look stupid
Enter your fourth message (4/4) >> Go away
Enter y to use proxy and n to not use proxy >> n

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can you re-up the bot please