Estás empezando en el mundo de la seguridad ?

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Estás empezando en el mundo de la seguridad ?

  • en: Julio 20, 2015, 05:39:57 pm
Absolute Beginner's Guide To: Security, Spam, Spyware & Viruses

 Chapter 1Viruses: Attack of the Malicious Programs
 Chapter 2Spyware: Overrun by Advertisers, Hijackers, and Opportunists
 Chapter 3Hackers: There's a Man in My Machine
 Chapter 4Identity Thieves and Phishers: Protect Your Good Name and Bank Account
 Chapter 5Spam: Unwanted Email from Hell
 Chapter 6Wireless Network Snoops: Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network
 Chapter 7Privacy Snoops: Cover Your Tracks and Your Reputation
 Chapter 8Let's Smash-Proof Windows: Tweak Windows XP Nice and Tight
 Chapter 9Starting from the Beginning: Wiping a Hard Drive and Rebuilding from the Ground Up
 Chapter 10Ongoing Maintenance: Fend Off Future Threats!
 Chapter 11Selecting Software: Steals, Deals, and Software Duds
 Chapter 12Tools of the Trade: Security Products You Should Own
 Special Elements Used in this Book
 Reader Competition...of Sorts
 Part I: Security Basics: Some Very Real Threats
 Chapter 1. Viruses: Attack of the Malicious Programs
 What Is a Computer Virus?
 Viruses: As Many Kinds As Sniffles in Kindergarten

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[LIBROS][BIBLIOTECA EN MEGA] 27 Categorías de libros de Programación y Seguridad

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Libro Certificacion de Seguridad Ofensiva nivel 1 "La biblia del hacking"

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[LIBROS] Pack de Seguridad informát.- (Auditoría Wifi, Penetration testing, etc)

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[LIBRO] Los 27 Controles Críticos de Seguridad Informática - Sergio Castro 88pag

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[LIBRO] Manual básico de SEGURIDAD INFORMÁTICA para activistas

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