Seven Deadliest Network Attacks

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Seven Deadliest Network Attacks

  • en: Junio 25, 2017, 03:20:44 am

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About the Authors


Chapter 1 Denial of Service

How Denial of Service Works

Distributed Denial of Service

Overview of a Denial of Service Attack

Launching the Attack

Dangers of Denial of Service

Defense against Denial of Service

General Advice


Network Configuration

DDoS Appliances

IDS/IPS Systems

Reacting to DDoS Attacks

Over-Provisioning and Adaptive Provisioning

The Future of Denial of Service





Chapter 2 War Dialing

How War Dialing Attacks Work

Gathering Numbers for War Dialing

Sweeping for Live Modems

Modem Reply Types

War Dialing Tools

The Danger of War Dialing

Out-of-Band Support Channels

Unauthorized Employee Access

Vendor Support Modems

The Future of War Dialing

Defenses against War Dialing

Attack Surface Reduction

Modem Hardening

System Hardening




Chapter 3 Penetration “Testing”

How Penetration Testing Software Works

Dangers with Penetration Testing Tools

Nessus Vulnerability Scanning

Metasploit Framework

Hydra Password Attacks

Future of Penetration Testing Tools

Defenses against Penetration Testing Software

Password Complexity, Lockouts, and Logging

Endpoint Protection

Egress Filtering and Proxies

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Logical Access Controls


Chapter 4 Protocol Tunneling

How Protocol Tunneling Works

The Great Firewall

Setting Up a Channel with SSH

Corkscrew and SSH over HTTPS



Dangers of Protocol Tunneling

Defending against Protocol Tunneling

Preventing Protocol Tunneling

Detecting Protocol Tunneling

The Future of Protocol Tunneling


Chapter 5 Spanning Tree Attacks

Layers of the Internet

Understanding the Spanning Tree Protocol

The Problem of Loops

Solving the Loop Problem with the Spanning Tree Protocol

How Spanning Tree Attacks Work

Capturing BPDU Traffic

Taking over the Root Bridge

Denial of Service

Man in the Middle

Forging BPDU Frames

Discovering the Network

Dangers of Spanning Tree Attacks

Defending against Spanning Tree Attacks

Disable STP

Root Guard and BPDU Guard

The Future of Spanning Tree Attacks



Chapter 6 Man-in-the-Middle

How Man-in-the-Middle Attacks Work

Sniffing Network Traffic

Replay Attacks

Command Injection

Internet Control Message Protocol Redirect

Denial of Service

Dangers with Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Address Resolution Protocol Cache Poisoning

Secure Sockets Layer Man-in-the-Middle

Domain Name System Spoofing

Future of Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Defenses against Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Knowing the Threats

Defense-in-Depth Approach

Public Key Infrastructure

Port Security

Use Encrypted Protocols

Low-Level Detection


Chapter 7 Password Replay

How Password Replay Works

Simple Password Sniffing

Password Replay

Address Resolution Protocol Poison Routing

Dangers of Password Replay

Defending against Password Replay

The Future of Password Replay





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